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Excursion to BEHALA in Westhafen with cab ride

With interested freshmen and students of the course "Introduction to Rail Vehicles", the Chair of Rail Vehicles visited BEHALA and its Vossloh G 1700BB shunting locomotive in Westhafen on Friday morning, April 21, 2023. All students were very enthusiastic and felt warmly welcomed by the kind hospitality of BEHALA. After arriving at the port area, we did not have to wait long to be picked up by the aforementioned shunting locomotive and taken to the workshop. There the covers of the locomotive were removed and it was possible to have a closer look at the technical components of the locomotive. Prof. Hecht, Head of the Chair of Rail Vehicles, and Mr. Kiehl from BEHALA explained to the students the special features of the diesel locomotive, including the engine, cooling system, electrical system and much more. In addition, the locomotive could be viewed from below through a pit and, to top it off, small groups were able to experience a full braking maneuver in the driver's cab. At the end of the day, there was a gleam in everyone's eyes and we believe we have once again inspired some young people for the world of railroading.

G 1700BB shunting locomotive data:

Manufacturer:                  Vossloh

Axle Formula:                  B’B‘

Service Mass:                  84 Tons

Power Diesel Engine:     1700 kW = 2300 PS

Approach Traction :         291 kN

Tank Capacity:                 4.400 Liters

Power Transmission:      Diesel Hydraulic