Strategic Controlling

QMS Processes

We design processes for the following areas to ensure quality in teaching and studying:

  • Accreditation/re-accreditation
  • Professorial appointments
  • Modules (implementation and administration)
  • Examinations
  • Degree programs (implementation and administration)
  • Admissions (bachelor’s/master’s)

On the basis of the DIN EN ISO 9001 process model, Figure 1 provides an overview of how approved processes are categorized.

In the left column of the table below, you can see how each process is categorized:

  • R – Managing resources
  • L – Teaching
  • V – Measuring, evaluating, and improving

Key documents for creating process descriptions are available to download in the right column of the table.

The process descriptions listed below have completed the approval procedure and function as internal instructional QM documents.

Materials for the processes

R.01.04.00.S Conducting examinations

  • R.01.04.00.S.F01 Zulassung Bachelorprüfung
  • R.01.04.00.S.F02 Zulassung Masterprüfung
  • R.01.04.00.S.F03 Rücktritt von Modulprüfung

R.02.01.00.S (Re-) appointment procedures

R.02.02.00.S Hiring academic staff

R.02.03.00.S Hiring student assistants

R.03.01.00.S Managing process descriptions

L.01.01.00.S Implementing a degree program

L.01.03.00.S Concluding a dual degree agreement

L.01.04.00.S Discontinuing a degree program

L.01.05.00.S Concluding a student exchange agreement with Erasmus program countries

L.01.06.00.S Concluding a student exchange agreement (overseas)

L.03.00.00.S Compiling changes to degree program requirements

L.04.01.00.S Managing modules

L.04.02.00.S Amending a degree program

V.03.01.00.S Conducting teaching evaluations

V.03.02.00.S Conducting teaching conferences

V.03.03.00.S Conducting degree program evaluations

V.03.04.00.S Conducting the quality dialog

V.05.00.00.S Conducting graduate surveys

V.06.00.00.S Conducting student surveys


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