Strategic Controlling

Appeals Committee

Internal accreditation of degree programs (= degree program evaluation) at Technische Universität Berlin is conducted on the basis of the QMS process "Conducting degree program evaluations".

Role of the internal Appeals Committee:

The internal Appeals Committee reviews the accreditation decision of the Internal Accreditation Committee on the basis of a written complaint by the faculty or institute council.

Members of the TU Berlin Appeals Committee

Robert NissenHeadDepartment I - Student Services
Prof. Dr. Axel GelfertProfessorFaculty I
Prof. Dr. Stephan ReitzensteinProfessorFaculty II
Prof. Dr. Andreas HeldProfessorFaculty III
Prof. Dr. Sibylle DieckerhoffProfessorFaculty IV
Prof. Dr. Paul-Uwe ThamsenProfessorFaculty V
Prof. Dr. Martin KadaProfessorFaculty VI
Prof. Dr. Maik LachmannProfessorFaculty VII
Prof. Dr. Ulf SchraderProfessorSETUB
Petra JordanAcademic staff memberFaculty I
Marcus SteinStudent representative 
Florian FrankStudent representative 


Anja Zschieschang

quality management system and system accreditation

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Benjamin Wille

quality management system and system accreditation

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