Strategic Controlling

Internal Accreditation Committee

Internal accreditation of degree programs (= degree program evaluation) at Technische Universität Berlin is conducted on the basis of the QMS process "Conducting degree program evaluations".

Role of the Internal Accreditation Committee:

Internal accreditation may be granted with provisions which must be fulfilled within a reasonable period of time, as a rule one year, and documented for the Internal Accreditation Committee. The vice president for education reviews any provisions, if necessary in consultation with the Internal Accreditation Committee.

Internal Accreditation Committee members

Christian SchröderVice president for educationExecutive Board
Anja Dötsch-NguyenChairTeaching Committee
Prof. Dr. Hans Christian von HerrmannProfessorFaculty I
Prof. Dr. Reinhard NabbenProfessorFaculty II
Prof. Dr. Felix ZieglerProfessorFaculty III
Prof. Dr. Benjamin BlankertzProfessorFaculty IV
Prof. Dr. Henning MeyerProfessorFaculty V
Prof. Dr. Timo HartmannProfessorFaculty VI
Dr. Martin Sebastian HaaseProfessorFaculty VII
Prof. Dr. Hans-Liudger DienelProfessorSETUB
Gabriel TiedjeStudent representativeFaculty I
Mathias-Emanuel HartmannStudent representativeFaculty IV

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quality management system and system accreditation

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Benjamin Wille

quality management system and system accreditation

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