Strategic Controlling

External Surveys

External organizations and research projects interested in surveying TU Berlin students or staff must fulfill certain requirements.


Please send us the following information/documents so that we can review your request:

  1. Who has commissioned the study? Who can we contact with any questions?
  2. Your project description must clearly state the purpose of the survey.
  3. Your project must be clearly relevant to research and teaching.
  4. Who do you want to survey at TU Berlin? Are there any guidelines or requirements regarding sampling?
  5. When do you want to conduct the survey?
  6. How often should the target group be reminded to participate?
  7. How will you ensure participants’ anonymity? If available, please include a data protection concept.
  8. What format do you want to use (print, online)?
  9. Will the results of the survey be made available to TU Berlin? How?
  10. Important! We also require the questionnaire you intend to use to adequately assess your request.

Decisions regarding external surveys

The TU Berlin Executive Board is responsible for approving external survey requests. Every request first undergoes an internal review process. The graphic above illustrates the various steps depending on your project.

This means you must address your request to the president or responsible vice president. Please refrain from sending multiple emails to different recipients. This does not increase your chance of approval.