Strategic Controlling

Why should I participate in TUB Sonar?

The survey aims to regularly assess students’ opinions of their studies and teaching. This allows the University to optimize related procedures and permanently achieve high quality in these areas. The aim is to improve studies and teaching.

In addition to assessing studies and teaching, TUB Sonar functions as an omnibus survey to bring university policy issues to the attention of students.

With 32,000 students, TU Berlin is one of the largest universities of technology in Germany. As such, the challenges of organizing teaching and studies here are immense and your opinion as a student is very valuable.

TUB Sonar is a participatory instrument which allows students to anonymously share their grievances and take a stance on current developments at TU Berlin.

During the accreditation process for degree programs (degree program evaluation), students’ aggregated opinions are considered in the development of the degree program and stimulate dialog for optimization (cf. image).

Integrating TUB Sonar into the Quality Management System (QMS)

TUB Sonar key information

TUB Sonar serves as input for various instruments and measures within the Quality Management System (QMS):

  • Recorded in the database (QM-Mart) for report generation
  • Reports from the database (QM-Mart) for degree program evaluations
  • Special evaluations on cross-cutting issues, e.g.: Family Services Office, Educational Outreach Office, Council for Sustainable Development, Examination Office, Campus Management (ZECM), Online Teaching Team, Women’s Representative
  • Special evaluations upon request by the faculties


  • At decentralized level: Students are surveyed
  • At decentralized level: Instructors, evaluators, degree program officers receive the results
  • At central level: Personnel in Strategic Controlling (MA SC) as student representative and report author


  • Every 2-3 years


  • Degree program report
  • Special reports and presentations
  • Results are regularly discussed in the Teaching Committee and Quality Management Working Group

Legal foundation

  • Evaluation Statutes (Evaluationssatzung)

Data privacy

The survey is conducted in accordance with the Berlin Data Protection Act. TU Berlin’s data protection officers are closely involved throughout the process.

The data and results are anonymized so that it is not possible to draw conclusions about participants’ identity. The data will only be used for purposes of quality assurance for teaching and studying at TU Berlin.

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