Strategic Controlling

Course Evaluations at TU Berlin


A systematic evaluation procedure has been conducted for courses at TU Berlin since 2006. This has been governed by binding evaluation regulations since 2009. The evaluation procedures were re-organized as part of the system accreditation process, resulting in new Quality Management Regulations in 2020 that firmly integrate course evaluations into TU Berlin’s quality management system.

Foundation: Course evaluations at TU Berlin are based on the subsidiarity principle, meaning their organization and implementation are the responsibility of the faculties. As a central organizational unit, Strategic Controlling only serves a regulatory, controlling, or supporting function in the organization and execution of the evaluations if the faculties are unable to do so. Additionally, Strategic Controlling analyzes the process data on the implementation and quality of course evaluations in the faculties and examines joint standards.

Objectives: The primary objective of course evaluations is to provide instructors with feedback on their teaching. For the faculty administration/deans of studies, the evaluations serve as quality control of the teaching at a faculty to then initiate appropriate measures where necessary (e.g. module changes). Evaluation results are also strongly aggregated and used to determine central measures for the entire University. The focus here is on creating an institutional memory of the entire course evaluation process as well as enabling measures regarding teaching at a faculty (e.g. personnel resources) and setting standards that all faculties follow.


Course evaluations at TU Berlin are conducted using the Evasys evaluation system.

The table below lists the contact persons for course evaluations at each faculty. Generally, this is a member of the faculty’s office for studies and teaching

Please first contact the person listed with any questions.

Please only contact Strategic Controlling for further information if your academic chair is not directly managed by a faculty.

Faculty contact persons

Organizational unitContactPhoneWebsite
Faculty IIna Haase / Olivia Metzner  Course evaluations at Faculty I
Faculty IIMarcel König314-28533 Course evaluations at Faculty II
Faculty IIISilkeMüllers / Emanuela Gruber314-24215 Course evaluations at Faculty III
Faculty IVTeresa Fräßdorf314-73128 Course evaluations at Faculty IV
Faculty VAndré Schelewsky / Daniela Gross314-79481 Course evaluations at Faculty V
Faculty VIPia Wagner-Schelewsky314-78823 Course evaluations at Faculty VI
Faculty VIISarah Noordeloos / Dagmar Bauer314-24980 Course evaluations at Faculty VII

Contact for Evasys

Information about course evaluations

SC Support for Course Evaluations

Strategic Controlling assists the faculties and organizational units with course evaluations by providing training, organizing regular meetings, and offering input regarding methodology as well as scanning support.


Feedback Instruments for Small Courses

Questionnaires are not a suitable tool for evaluating courses with a small number of students. In such cases, TU Berlin offers alternative procedures for instructors which were developed together with Faculty I.


ISIS- quick poll

At TU Berlin, an in-house survey tool (Moodle Plugin "Course Feedback", developed by Jan Eberhardt and Felix di Lenarda; innoCampus) is also used for supplementary short feedback.

Documents for course evaluation