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A number of evaluations at TU Berlin are conducted as surveys. These include course evaluations, the TUB Sonar student survey, as well as alumniand instructorsurveys.

Internal projects, studies, and opinion polls are also conducted using TU Berlin’s survey software.

In addition, the University participates in external surveys such as those conducted by the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW), Trendence, and the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) as well as in a cooperative project for studies on graduates (Kooperationsprojekt Absolventenstudien, KOAB).


Course evaluation

TU Berlin is dedicated to optimizing its teaching on the basis of student course evaluations. In consultation with the faculties, a central evaluation system was implemented in 2006. An evaluation officer in each faculty is responsible for organizing the evaluation procedure. Together with Strategic Controlling, they develop the questionnaires on the basis of social science-based methods and approaches.

Graduate Surveys

Since 2009, TU Berlin has conducted a survey of its graduates in all degree programs to collect feedback about teaching and studying. The collected data and the findings are used to continuously improve our degree programs. The opinions and experiences of our former students are important to ensuring the high quality of studies at TU Berlin.

Student Surveys

Since winter semester 2012/2013, students at TU Berlin have been regularly surveyed on issues related to studying and teaching in the central TUB Sonar survey. The data are used to develop our degree programs as well as the degree program evaluations for system accreditation. Additionally, Strategic Controlling also prepares special assessments (e.g. for the Family Services Office) on certain questions or areas.

Instructor Surveys

TU Berlin does not regularly conduct central instructor surveys. However, two special surveys assessing teaching conditions and workload were conducted within the context of the coronavirus pandemic beginning in 2020. These were commissioned by the vice president for education and teaching and were aimed at all employees with teaching responsibilities.

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Surveys and Opinion Polls

In addition to the surveys which are regularly conducted as part of the QMS, there are a number of other University-internal surveys and opinion polls.

Survey Support

Are you conducting a survey? Strategic Controlling can help from start to finish. We offer general advising, assistance and tutorials for using EvaSys, as well as support with conducting your survey. We also provide scanning support to the faculties.


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