Strategic Controlling

Quality Management

Quality is not achieved by chance but rather through the planned, systematic, and continuous fulfillment of internal and external requirements for teaching, the organization of studies, degree programs and much more. We are responsible for assuring quality throughout the University and support members of TU Berlin with conducting evaluations, analyses on quality assurance in studies and teaching, as well as optimizing relevant processes.

By providing key figures for degree programs, we promote their continuous further development to ensure quality in cooperation with instructors and the Offices of Academics and Teaching. Our team also conducts separate central surveys on strategic and overarching issues. The results of these are evaluated by target group, discussed, and can be used to initiate change.


Our services

QM Organization

Here you’ll find information about how quality management is organized at TU Berlin, including the quality objectives, legal framework, QMS processes, and QMS committees such as the Quality Management Working Group (including current members).


A number of evaluations at TU Berlin are conducted as surveys. These include course evaluations, the TUB Sonar student survey, as well as alumni and instructor surveys.


Prize for Outstanding Teaching

The Prize for Outstanding Teaching is awarded annually at Technische Universität Berlin to teachers demonstrating exceptional commitment. The prize helps raise the profile of innovative new teaching concepts and encourages teachers to explore new paths.


To receive the Erwin Stephan Prize, students must achieve excellent grades and complete their studies quickly.