Strategic Controlling

Graduate Surveys

Key data

Since WHEN?Surveys of all graduate cohorts at TU Berlin have been conducted since 2009
From WHEN until WHEN?Online surveys are conducted from October until February
WHICH method?National standardized questionnaire
HOW?More than 60 German universities take part in the project, which has been conducted in cooperation with the Institut für angewandte Statistik (ISTAT) since 2017 (previously in cooperation with the International Center for Higher Education Research (INCHER) Kassel from 2009-2016).
WHO?Every year, a total of approximately 70,000 graduates are surveyed about their careers within this national conducted project
HOW MANY?Average response rate of approx. 30% per TU Berlin graduate cohort
HOW MANY per year?An average of 1000 survey participants provide feedback on studying and teaching at TU Berlin each year
WHAT else?Data from the graduate surveys are entered in the QM database, and thus appear in teaching conference reports and data-based degree program reports as well as special evaluations for degree program coordinators.

Further information

The Graduate Survey is part of a national academic research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
The project is coordinated by the Institut für angewandte Statistik - ISTAT (KOAB-ISTAT). In all, approximately 60 universities take part in the project.
The results of the survey are useful for developing different areas of the University as well as for improving the programs we offer.
Graduates’ evaluations of study conditions and degree programs serve as an indicator of the quality of teaching and student experience, and thus contribute to quality management in teaching. Analyzing feedback enables a targeted development and expansion of offers for acquiring key skills and competencies.
Feedback regarding studies and careers provides a useful source of information for Academic Advising and the Career Service as well as new ideas for developing advising offers.
The results of the survey enable faculties to compare their ideas about how skills are taught in their programs and the career opportunities for their students with the actual experience of graduates.
The anonymized data and results will only be used for purposes of quality assurance for teaching and studying at Technische Universität Berlin.


The purpose of the Graduate Survey is to obtain valuable information about the career development of alumni in the years following graduation. The findings make it possible to assess how far our degree programs prepare students for the challenges they face in their professional lives. The following questions are of particular interest here:

  • How is the transition from studying to work?
  • What professional fields do graduates work in?
  • What are the working hours and contract periods of today’s graduates?
  • How well do the content of degree programs prepare students for their professional activities?
  • What key competencies and additional qualifications are employers looking for?
  • How do graduates evaluate their degree programs from their current perspective?



You can view the detailed results of the surveys here.


Which browsers are supported?

To the best of our knowledge, all javascript enabled browsers are supported. Occasionally, some browsers may impact the page layout.

Why do I have to log in using an access code?

The access code ensures that only persons belonging to our target group can participate in the survey. It also means you can leave and return to the survey at any time by logging in again with your access code.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

This depends on where you are in your life and your career. Generally, it should take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete the survey. The survey is important, so please take as much time as you need to answer the questions carefully and fully.

When are answers saved?

Your answers are only saved when you leave a page, i.e. by moving to the next page, returning to the previous page or by ending your session.

Can I edit my answers?

You can edit your answers at any time. Only your final answer for any question is saved in the database.
If a question requires you to check a box etc., you can change your answer by simply checking another box instead. This will automatically remove your previous response.

What happens if I am not able to complete the survey in a single session?

You can return to the survey at any time. Any answers you have entered will still be there. 

Why are some questions missing?

Questions which are not relevant to your situation are not shown. For example, if you have already indicated that you do not have any children, a question regarding the number of children you have is not relevant. The question will not appear and the sequence of question numbers will jump by one.

What happens with my address details?

Any address details you enter in the survey will be saved in a separate database together with the access code sent to you by mail or email. This data is transmitted through the browser via an encrypted connection.

Is it possible to determine my identity by combining information about my academic chair and institute, etc?

Results are presented so as to prevent individual persons being identified. If, for example, there is only one female graduate from an academic chair, the results for this chair will not be presented by gender.