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Awards for Teaching at Technische Universität Berlin

Prize for Outstanding Teaching - history and general information

The Prize for Outstanding Teaching is awarded annually at Technische Universität Berlin to teachers demonstrating exceptional commitment. The prize helps raise the profile of innovative new teaching concepts and encourages teachers to explore new paths. At the same time, the award serves to underscore the importance and requirements of teaching as laid out in the University’s mission statement on teaching. The 4,000-euro prize is awarded by the Society of Friends of TU Berlin.

  • Since 2017, a specific category for the prize has been defined each year.
  • From 2010 to 2016, the prize was awarded as a traveling trophy to instructors in each faculty.
  • While the procedure has changed over the years, course evaluations and final selection by a jury have always played a key role.

Here you’ll find an overview of the recipients of the Prize for Outstanding Teaching by year.

Faculty awards

Some TU Berlin faculties also award their own prizes for teaching:


Topic: best bachelor’s digital lecture/integrated course during the first pandemic semester, summer semester 2020

CategorySmall courseLarge course
Award recipientsProf. Vera Meyer for “Microbiology II”Prof. Utz von Wagner for “Statics and Mechanics of Materials”
FacultyFaculty IIIFaculty V
Academic chairApplied and Molecular MicrobiologyMechatronics and Machine Dynamics
Prize moneyEUR 2,000EUR 2,000


Topic: outstanding seminars (period: “pre-coronavirus,” winter semester 2018/19 to 2019/20)

CategorySeminarSeminarHonorable mention
Award recipientsProf. Dr. Birgit Beck and Prof. Dr. Jens Kurreck for their joint course “Introduction to Bioethics”Gerrit von Jorck for the block seminar “Exploring Ecological Economics”Lara Danyel and Mona Beyer for the project laboratory “Denk- und Aktionslabor StadtLand” (DAL)
FacultyFaculty I and IIIFaculty IFaculty VI
Academic chairEthics and Philosophy of Technology as well as Applied BiochemistryEconomic Education and Sustainable ConsumptionUrban and Regional Economics
Prize moneyEUR 1,500EUR 1,500EUR 1,000


Topic: outstanding digital or digitally-enhanced course

CategorySmall courseLarge course
Award recipientsDr. Züleyha Yenice Campbell, Dr. Franz-Josef Schmitt, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedrich for the online project laboratory “Everyday Chemistry” (OPL Chemie)Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Zarnekow for the module “Introduction to Information Systems”
FacultyFaculty IIFaculty VII
Academic chairInstitute of ChemistryInformation and Communication Management
Prize moneyEUR 2,000EUR 2,000


Topic: academic projects

Award recipientsKatharina Hagg, Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz, Aine Ryan, and Prof. Jörg Stollmann for the project "UD Studio 01: compulsory Design Studio in the first degree semester of Urban Design"Thorsten Burandt, Dr. Pao-Yu Oei, Konstantin Löffler, and Dr. Roman Mendelevitch for the project "Operations Research – Methods for Energy and Resource Markets (OR-RES): System-wide modeling and country-specific policy analyses"Hannah Aring, Saba Nojoumi, and Dr. Franz-Josef Schmitt for the project "tu project iGEM – Synthetische Biologie"
FacultyFaculty VIFaculty VIIFaculty II
Academic chairHabitat Unit as well as Urban Design and UrbanizationInfrastructure PolicyBiocatalysis
Prize moneyEUR 1,500EUR 1,500EUR 1,500


Topic: service courses by Faculty II – Mathematics and Natural Sciences for students from other faculties

Award recipientsProf. Dr. Boris SpringbornDr. Gabriele Penn-KarrasProf. Dr. Fredi Tröltzsch
FacultyFaculty IIFaculty IIFaculty II
InstituteInstitute of MathematicsInstitute of MathematicsInstitute of Mathematics
Prize moneycollectively EUR 4,500  
Quote“I try to tell an exciting story on the chalkboard.”“Students should not get the impression that the material taught is a secret science that can only be mastered with a lot of computer and media input. Rather than impressive media magic, it is better to develop the material comprehensibly before students' eyes - in short, to let a whole world emerge from a small piece of chalk.”“For many, mathematics is difficult to work out. Therefore, I limit myself to the essentials and explain new ideas with simple examples. Once you have understood those, the more general solutions frequently become apparent.”


Topic: teaching teams from Faculty VI Planning Building Environment

Award recipientsProf. Dr. Ingo Kowarik and Dr. Moritz von der Lippes for the module “Nature Conservation”Prof. Dr. Frank Vogdt and tutors Anke Franz and Lars Wagner for the lecture and tutorial “Fundamentals of Building Physics”
FacultyFaculty VIFaculty VI
Academic chairEcosystem Science / Plant EcologyBuilding Physics and Building
Prize moneyEUR 2,000EUR 2,000


Topic: outstanding teaching in Faculty VII – Economics and Management

Award recipientsProf. Dr. Maik LachmannProf. Dr. Axel Hunscha
FacultyFaculty VIIFaculty VII
Academic chairAccounting and Management ControlBusiness and Labor Law
Prize moneyEUR 2,000EUR 2,000
Quote“As a teacher, you have the opportunity to constantly explore new ways to convey course content in an interesting and vivid way.”“Teachers should draw a lot from actors, who present themselves consciously and with purpose.”


Topic: outstanding teaching in Faculty V – Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems

Award recipientsProf. Dr.-Ing. Dieter PeitschProf. Dr.-Ing. Paul Uwe ThamsenDr. Ralf Wille
FacultyFaculty VFaculty VFaculty V
Academic ChairAero EnginesFluid System Dynamics ‒ Fluid Dynamics in Machines and PlantsFluid System Dynamics ‒ Fluid Dynamics in Machines and Plants
Quote“For me, teaching is a professor’s core task. However, this is only made possible with the support and commitment of teaching and research assistants.”“‘Perception is the foundation of all knowledge’ – this quote from Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi is the motto of our teaching.”“Motivation and interest grow through compelling real-life examples and should continue to increase as the course progresses.”


Topic: outstanding teaching in Faculty I - Humanities and Educational Sciences

Award recipientsProf. Dr. Simone KnabProf. Dr. Bénédicte Savoy
FacultyFaculty IFaculty I
Academic chairDidactics of Work StudiesArt History
Prize moneyEUR 2,000EUR 2,000
Quote“Teachers must burn with enthusiasm for what they teach. However, enthusiasm alone is not a guarantee of good teaching. Teaching methods and media should be combined and tailored to the content and students.”“Students themselves should become researchers. Teaching should be enjoyed, on both sides of the lectern.”


Topic: outstanding teaching in Faculty III - Process Sciences

Award recipientsProf. Dr. Roland LausterProf. Dr.-Ing. Felix Ziegler
FacultyFaculty IIIFaculty III
Academic chairMedical BiotechnologyEnergy Conversion Technology
Prize moneyEUR 2,000EUR 2,000
Quote“My 'recipe' for exemplary teaching includes supplementing the curriculum with current research findings, always relating questions to the topic at hand, involving all staff, keeping lab groups small, and placing students in the best labs and companies.”“First-semester students in particular should not simply bravely persevere with what will seem to them to be gray theory, but rather, learn to truly enjoy its incomparable beauty.”


Topic: outstanding bachelor’s and undergraduate courses in Faculty II - Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Award recipientsProf. Dr. Siegfried BlechertProf. Dr. Christian MehlProf. Dr. Arne Thomas
FacultyFaculty IIFaculty IIFaculty II
Academic chairOrganic Chemistry/ Natural Product-Oriented Synthesis ChemistryNumerical MathematicsFunctional Materials
Quote“You have to exude enthusiasm for your subject and make it easier for students to listen by giving interesting, lively lectures. That way, the content sticks better.”“I don’t just want to impart knowledge. I want to motivate students to also want to understand the material. Sometimes I use prizes to motivate them...”“To be honest, the basic principles of chemistry can be quite dry. Bridging the gap between everyday life and complex issues can show the importance of chemistry in our daily lives - but also how fascinating this science is.”


Topic: outstanding teaching in Faculty IV - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

CategoryPrize for Outstanding TeachingHonorable mention
Award recipientsProf. Dr. Uwe Nestmann for his lecture “Theoretical Fundamentals of Computer Science 2”Dr. Stefan Fricke for his course “Artificial Intelligence – Basic Principles and Applications”
FacultyFaculty IVFaculty VI
Academic chairModels and Theory of Distributed SystemsAgent Technologies in Business
Applications and Telecommunications  
Prize moneyEUR 4,000EUR 500