Strategic Controlling



SC1 Strategic Research Planning

Strategic Research Planning liaises between researchers at the University’s faculties and the Executive Board. As the internal and external point of contact for questions relating to different aspects of research, we help network TU Berlin’s researchers.

SC2 Structural Planning

Structural Planning develops strategies and instruments which allow Technische Universität Berlin to effectively respond to current demands and successfully prepare for future development.

SC3 Quality Management

Quality is not achieved by chance but rather through the planned, systematic, and continuous fulfillment of internal and external requirements for teaching, the organization of studies, degree programs, and much more. SC3 is responsible for assuring quality throughout the University and supports members of TU Berlin with conducting evaluations, analyses on quality assurance in studies and teaching, as well as optimizing quality-relevant processes.

Anja Zschieschang

quality management system and system accreditation

+49 30 314-28272


Room H 2500B

Benjamin Wille

quality management system and system accreditation

+49 30 314-28270


Room H 2500C

SC L Strategic Teaching Development

The Strategic Teaching Development team is the central point of contact for all questions regarding external funding programs for teaching, such as the Berlin Quality and Innovation Offensive (QIO). The team also advises on funding and special programs for teaching and designs and supports networking and exchange formats, such as the retreat on study and teaching and annual Day of Teaching. The team also played a leading role in the development of TU Berlin’s mission statement for teaching and can be contacted with questions about implementing and further developing the mission statement.

Office SC LE
Room H 1551
Office SC LE
Room H 1555
Office SC LE
Room H 1555

SC5 Reporting

Operative and Strategic Reporting focuses on supervising, designing, and further developing TU Berlin’s SAP reporting system.

The team is responsible for the creation and expansion of a comprehensive reporting system (SAP Business Intelligence (BI/BO)). The SAP module allows a wide variety of reports for internal and external persons to be prepared, providing a foundation for the targeted, reliable, and central provision of information and thus ensuring the operative and strategic direction of the University and it’s units.

Philipp Christian Orthmann

+49 30 314-29525

Room H 1047
Room H 1055

SC6 Strategic Collaboration Between Science and Art/Culture

TU Berlin engages in a number of activities combining science and art/culture. These activities require strategic organization and further development. We are responsible for establishing, expanding, and coordinating collaboration between science and art/culture across TU Berlin as well as with other universities. Our aim is to identify future fields and formats of interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge transfer and leverage new potential in the Excellence Strategy.

Developing Campus Charlottenburg as a place for scientific-artistic collaboration and innovation is of central interest. To this end, SC6 coordinates central projects such as the Hybrid Platform (together with UdK Berlin) and the Science Gallery Berlin (part of an international network). Its work also includes the development of artist-in-residence programs for various research institutions at TU Berlin and participative exhibition formats for the exhibition pavilion planned for Campus Charlottenburg.


Michael D. Fowler

Room H 1054

Team directory

Name Email Phone
Blazejewski, Franziska Franziska Blazejewski +49 30 314-29365
Braatz, Cordula Cordula Braatz +49 30 314-24227
Budavari, Andras Andras Budavari +49 30 314-79813
Dötsch-Nguyen, Anja Anja Dötsch-Nguyen +49 30 314-29786
Geiser, Levi Vincent Levi Vincent Geiser
Gliem, Uta Uta Gliem +49 30 314-22220
Höhne, Philipp Sigmar Philipp Sigmar Höhne
Kubath, Sascha Sascha Kubath +49 30 314-23335
Oldewurtel-Göbel, Janina Janina Oldewurtel-Göbel +49 30 314-78595
Orthmann, Philipp Christian Philipp Christian Orthmann +49 30 314-29525
Russ, Patrick Moritz Patrick Moritz Russ +49 30 314-75875
Sakowski, Rahel Rahel Sakowski +49 30 314-21414
Schüler, Stella Elisa Stella Elisa Schüler +49 30 314-24228
Seemann, Wenke Wenke Seemann 314-29366
Steiof, Martin Dr. Martin Steiof +49 30 314-27532
Thurian, Patrick Dr. Patrick Thurian +49 30 314-25485
Urban, Gerda Gerda Urban +49 30 314-29785
Wagner, Kerstin Kerstin Wagner +49 30 314-29904
Walther, Lynn Lynn Walther +49 30 314-27812
Wille, Benjamin Benjamin Wille +49 30 314-28270
Zschieschang, Anja Anja Zschieschang +49 30 314-28272



Office SC 01
Building Hauptgebäude
Room H 1050
Address Technische Universität Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin