Robotics and Biology Laboratory

Simulating Physical Dynamics of Virtual Objects with a Wearable Haptic Interface


Lars Raschendörfer

Ingo Kossyk

Oliver Brock


The aim of this work is to conduct an inquiry into the question which kind of coupling methods can be put into practice for a stable, transparent and plau¬sible interaction with virtual objects that have physical dynamics with the wearable haptic interface. Different kinds of interaction modes, like pushing, carrying and throwing are investigated. The possibility of making the physical properties of the virtual objects, such as their mass and inertia, haptically sensible is to be researched and the results evaluated qualitatively. This work examines rigid body, cloth and soft body physics and the haptic rendering of their dynamics. As simulation engine the Nvidia PhysX SDK was chosen. The developed interface between physical simulation and haptic rendering is to be integrated into the current software framework for the wearable haptic device.