Robotics and Biology Laboratory


General Information

For TU Berlin students we are offering both Bachelor and Master theses in the field of Robotics.

We are looking for motivated students that are interested in working closely with current research. Most topics involve programming in one way or another (C++, Python), so you should bring solid programming skills and the will to learn our software tools. Most thesis topics are open ended, so you should be able to organize your work well, think critically and reflect on your ongoing work.

If you decide to write your theses in our group, you are highly motivated to get involved in research and you have already taken most of the robotics and computational biology classes we offer (at least the Master students). This enables us to integrate you directly into our research activities, making your theses intellectually and technically challenging, and much more fun! You can expect close advising by our scientific staff to help you master the challenges associated with a real research project. At the same time, we are aware of the number of credit points you get for a thesis and will work closely with you to keep you on track while still achieving an outcome that hopefully can lead to a publication (many previous Master’s and even Bachelor theses have been published at top international conferences).


You should have successfully completed a course offered by RBO (e.g. Robotics: Fundamentals, Robotics, or Computational Biology), or courses at other universities with a comparable syllabus. Your programming skills should be excellent (C++, Python).


The aim of a Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis is to apply and deepen your knowledge of the subject. Therefore, we are happy to work with you to find a topic that represents a good match between your interests, your prior knowledge, and our ongoing research activities. You can also send us your own ideas. For inspiration you can look at the listings of Open Thesis, Ongoing Theses and Completed Theses. 


Then please read the information above, choose a topic at Open Theses and send us the completed questionnaire together with your CV, your transcript of records and your letter of application to robotics(at)