Robotics and Biology Laboratory

Robotics (6 ECTS)

Hours per weekDayTimeLocationLecturers 
2 SWS VLTuesday14-16ISISBrock 
2 SWS UE  ISISNguyen 
2 SWS Lab (Groups)Mon/Wed/Fri14-16ISISNguyen 

Robotics Project (9 ECTS)

Hours per weekDayTimeLocationLecturers 
6 SWSTuesday16-18ISISBrock / Battaje 

Computational Biology (6 ECTS)

-- currently not offered --


The registration for the modules Robotics and Robotics Project is done at the first official meeting of the module. The registration is open to all students where the major is part of the module description. For all other majors, enrollment is only possible if the course is not full yet.

Further details about the lectures can be found on ISIS.