Robotics and Biology Laboratory

All Course Offerings

Algorithmen und DatenstrukturenBSc. LectureSS '21 & '22Moses
Robotics: FundamentalsBSc. LectureSS (cancelled in SS '23)Moses
RoboticsMSc. LectureWSMoses
Robotics: AdvancedMSc. LectureSS (currently not offered)Moses
Robotics: Current TopicsMSc. SeminarSS (cancelled in SS '23)Moses
Robotics: ProjectMSc. Project CourseWSMoses
Computational BiologyMSc. LectureWS (currently not offered)Moses
Computational Biology: Current TopicsMSc. SeminarSS (currently not offered)Moses
Computational Biology: ProjectMSc. Project CourseSS (currently not offered)Moses


We do not offer all courses on a regular basis. For the availability of specific courses please check the pages of the individual semesters.