Robotics and Biology Laboratory

Pu Xu

Research Interests

In order to operate in the real world, humans and animals developed a diverse set of capabilities, ranging from body coordination, environmental perception, to abstract thinking. Each aspect of these abilities possesses an astonishing level of depth and breadth, and has undergone comprehensive studies in their respective fields. However, the resulting intelligent behavior cannot be attributed to any single ability, but rather the product of many capabilities working coherently as a whole. In my doctoral research, I will examine how various elements of individual intelligence can be integrated to produce goal-oriented complex behavior, with a special emphasis on the system engineering required to produce such behavior. As a concrete demonstration, we aim to showcase a robot that can play a novel game called "escape room."

Short CV

  • 2023-present - Doctoral Researcher @ TU Berlin - Berlin, Germany
  • 2021-2022 - Research Assistant @ HKUST - Hong Kong SAR
  • 2019-2021 - MPhil Student @ HKUST - Hong Kong SAR
  • 2015-2018 - Engineer @ DJI - Shenzhen, China