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Huu Duc Nguyen

Huu Duc Nguyen

Research Assistant

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Research Interests

I am a PhD student at TU Berlin under the supervision of Professor Oliver Brock. I am associated with the Cluster of Excellence Science of Intelligence at Berlin. 

In 2011, behavioral biologists conducted a series of experiments leading to interesting results about the intelligent behaviors of the cockatoos. These cockatoos managed to solve complex sequences of mechanical locks. However, the BIG question was "HOW did the birds do it?".

With the goals to study the underlying mechanism of the birds' behaviors, and to build smarter, more robust robotic systems, the two teams, behavioral biologists and roboticists, decided to collaborate within the project Parrobots (parrots + robots).

Short CV

  • Since 2023
    • PhD student at Robotics and Biology Laboratory, TU Berlin
  • 2019 2022
    • M.Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering, RWTH Aachen University
  • 2014 2019
    • B.Sc. Control Engineering and Automation, Hanoi University of Science and Technology



Parrobots II

When extracting regularities from cockatoo behavior in the context of the lock box scenario (Project 4), we encountered a very fundamental challenge. We found a discrepancy between the number of data we can acquire and the number of data required to conclusively validate a specific behavior-generating mechanism. This is a challenge that needs to be faced by our cluster if we are to extract insights from high-dimensional behavioral observations.