Robotics and Biology Laboratory

Apoorv Vaish

Office MAR 5-1
Room MAR 5.065
Office HoursOnly by appointment

Research Interests

My research aims to understand the synergy between the morphological design and control of soft robots. Given a set of manipulation tasks that the robot must perform, this joint programming of the morphology and control is termed as the co-design of soft robots. I am looking for appropriate inductive biases to guide the search in the ginormous combined search space of hardware and software parameters to achieve competent automated co-design of robots for manipulation




Co-Design of Control and Soft Morphology

The behavior of a robotic agent is determined by its control program, shape and material composition, as well as external factors from its environment. Both control and morphology affect the behavior and thus must be chosen carefully to ensure robust and general behavior in various operating environments. Thus, given a set of tasks, control and morphology must be considered as one combined aspect in designing soft robots. Moreover, we can divide responsibilities into morphology and control simultaneously and synergistically to ensure robust behavior in the physical world. This joint programming of morphology and control is called co-design.