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RBO's Commitment to Inclusive Science

Science thrives on differences in opinion but transcends all other differences. A productive scientific environment therefore must be open and welcoming to all opinions and to all people. The members of the Robotics and Biology Lab are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Every day anew, we strive to create an environment in which all people can thrive, feel personally welcomed, professionally supported, and intellectually fulfilled. We vouch to listen to each other, to support each other, and to accept each other without judgement and prejudice. We invite everybody's input and fair criticism to help us create the best possible work environment, an environment in which science can flourish based on everybody's contribution.


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Prof. Dr. Oliver BrockMAR 5.03373110oliver.brock@
Xenia ThauMAR 5.03273110robotics@robotics.
Ph.D. candidates   
Aravind BattajeMAR 5.06573118battaje@
Manuel BaumMAR 5.06573118baum@
Furkan DavulcuMAR 5.06573118furkan.davulcu@
Xing LiMAR
Vito MengersMAR 5.06573118v.mengers@
Adrian SielerMAR 5.06573118adrian.sieler@
Apoorv Vaish MAR 5.06573118apoorv.vaish@
Oussama Zenkri MAR 5.06573118zenkri@
Pu Xu MAR 5.06573118pu.xu@
Huu Duc Nguyen MAR 5.06573118huu.duc.nguyen@
Technical Support   
Alexander MargrafMAR 5.06570441alexander.margraf@
Oscar WeissenbachMAR 5.06523224oscar.weissenbach@


Please prepend all given telephone numbers with + 49 . 30 . 314 .

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student assistants   
Reyk CarstensMAR 5.06573118r.carstens@campus
Raphael UllrichMAR 5.06573118r.ullrich.1@campus
Lion WeberMAR
Anton OhlerMAR 5.06573118anton.ohler@campus
Finn DörriesMAR 5.06573118f.doerries@tu
Martin SplettstößerMAR 5.06573118martin.splettstoesser@campus
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associated researchers 
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Prof. Dr. iur. Melinda Lohmannsince 2013


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