Together, We Are Strong

Researching in scientific networks worldwide

The days of solitary research in an ivory tower are long gone. Many complex issues can only be solved through collective effort. As a result, joint research is gaining importance around the world. Technische Universität Berlin is one of Germany’s strongest research universities. Its international reputation and special profile as a technical university closely connected to the humanities and social, planning, and economic sciences guarantee its success in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. This special profile is demonstrated not least by the University’s numerous joint projects. Whether regional, national, or international associations, Technische Universität Berlin is a member of many scientific networks.

Are you a member of the University looking to learn how to establish a research association? Or perhaps you are seeking advice on joint research? The Research Promotion Section is happy to help.

The Technische Universität Berlin dialogue platform

Developing and executing a joint research project is a complex undertaking. The need for coordination among all participants is high and different series of steps often have to be run through several times. The Technische Universität Berlin dialogue platform is an internal research support instrument to assist scientists with this process. It offers various funding and event formats developed together with experienced experts from research association management.


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