Technische Universität Berlin Internal Funding

Seed funding, research infrastructure, patent applications, and more

Structural measures and seed financing: Technische Universität Berlin supports its scientists’ research through a flexible set of internal measures.

Seed financing

Seed financing is particularly useful for newly appointed professors looking to acquire their first third-party funding, professors seeking to establish a major research association, or postdocs submitting their first proposal for third-party funding.

Research infrastructure

Do you need to expand your research infrastructure as part of your project? In order to optimize the instrumentation infrastructure at Technische Universität Berlin, support is provided for applications submitted via the procedure for acquiring large-scale instrumentation as per Section 91b of the Basic Law (GG). Calls are also published at irregular intervals for the acquisition of instruments costing between 20,000 and 200,000 euros. Successful applications will receive co-financing from the University budget.

Strategic measures

Technische Universität Berlin publishes annual calls for funding measures to help support its own strategic goals. The formats and topics addressed by the individual calls are published on the recommendation of the vice president and in consultation with the Structural Committee.

Technische Universität Berlin dialogue platform

The objective of the dialogue platform is to support researchers in the generation of ideas and the further development of research topics as well as to raise the quality of interdisciplinary collaboration within the University. A further objective is to promote exchange and networking to support the development of nationally and EU-funded research projects.

Outstanding and patentable research

The “outstanding” instrument is designed to support innovative research conducted at the interface between different disciplinary cultures, not otherwise funded by other instruments and funding programs or programs currently offered by third-party funders. Strong proposals not covered by such instruments are welcome at any time.

Independent of applications submitted in response to specific calls, inventors at Technische Universität Berlin can apply to the Center for Intellectual Property for funding to increase the prospects for a successful commercial exploitation of their invention.