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Endowed professorships at Technische Universität Berlin

Endowed professorships are a bridge between science, business, and society. They are financed by external funding organizations such as foundations, businesses and industrial enterprises, or public bodies. They are generally devoted to an innovative field of research or make a special contribution to teaching with a view to establishing new subjects. Endowed professorships are fixed-term, often for a period of five years.

The possibility for exchange with the endowing institution guarantees practically relevant research and teaching that take account of the very latest developments. Like their fellow professors, endowed professors exercise their rights and duties in research, teaching and academic self-administration without restriction vis-à-vis their university.

Freedom of research and teaching as a condition

When setting up endowed professorships with its non-university partners, Technische Universität Berlin complies with the Code of Conduct of the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft (in German.)

A condition of endowed professorships is and remains the freedom of research and teaching.

Appointments and Strategic Cooperations is responsible for endowed professorships at TU Berlin.

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