Continuing education & further qualification for junior scholars

This page provides information on workshops and trainings for doctoral candidates and postdocs. The courses and events listed here are just some of the continuing education offers provided by a range of organizational units at TU Berlin. It is not possible to register via CJS' Office for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Service. Please register directly with the organizer of the event.

Not all courses are open to all doctoral candidates at TU Berlin. Please check carefully to see which are available for you.

The broadest variety of workshops and courses is offered by the Center for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation. You will find up to a hundred courses per year, which are free for all scientific employees and registered doctoral candidates of TU Berlin, and possibly all doctoral candidates of the Berlin University Alliance.

The courses offered by the Staff Development and Continuing Education branch of the human ressources department are open to all employees of TU Berlin. START is a program for the next generation of management offering intensive seminars for postdocs and for those commencing a new managerial career in the areas of science and administration.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship has a number of individual offers for doctoral candidates who are interested in marketing a product or setting up their own business.

As a doctoral candidate at TU Berlin you can also, as part of an initiative of the Berlin University Alliance, take advantage of courses offered by the Dahlem Research School (at Freie Universität) and the Humboldt Graduate School (Humboldt Universität) – please follow the links provided and contact the relevant institute about participating in a program:


Berlin Graduate Studies Program

The Berlin University Alliance has set itself the goal of improving the conditions for all doctoral students of the four alliance partners. The Excellence Alliance offers all doctoral students of the four partner institutions a comprehensive qualification programme that reflects the different phases of a doctorate. The programme includes five core events and numerous workshops, coaching and mentoring opportunities.


June 2022

01.06.2022DEProkrastination - warum schiebe ich auf und wie fange ich an?Psychologische Beratung TU Berlin
01.06.2022ENSuccess in Your Doctorate I: Setting out with enthusiasmZEWK
01.06.2022ENPostdoc opportunities in Germany: How to find a position and funding opportunitiesDAAD
02.06.2022ENAsk a professor - On Selection criteria and how to address a professor successfullyDAAD
03.06.2022ENDigital Tools for ScientistsZEWK
07.06.2022ENPractices of Open Research for PhD studentsBUA
07.06.2022ENBrilliant project idea - successful proposal? Writing compelling project proposalsZEWK
07.06.2022DEWorld Café: Wege in die Promotion. Welche Stiftung passt zu mir?FSGS
09.06.2022ENPaid to research: Preparing successful funding applicationsDRS
09.06.2022ENIntensive writing day: Kick(re)start your writing projectZEWK
10.06.2022ENStrengthening your strength - Full speed ahead!ZEWK
13.06.2022ENTime and Activity Management, Priorisation and MindfulnessBUA
13.06.2022ENGrant Application WritingHGS
13.06.2022DEGut gebrüllt, Löwin! Präsentationstraining für FrauenZEWK
14.06.2022DEWorld Café: Wege in die Promotion. Welche Stiftung passt zu mir?FSGS
14.06.2022ENLet's Write!BUA
14.06.2022DE„Wir sollen da noch was zum Umgang mit Daten schreiben…“ – Forschungsdatenmanagement in ProjektanträgenZEWK
14.06.2022ENTransfer School: Chancen und Herausforderungen für Technologie-StartupsCfE
15.06.2022ENScientific Writing in STEMZEWK
15.06.2022DEEin gutes Verhältnis zur Betreuer*in ist kein Zufall: Die Promotionsbetreuung aktiv (mit) gestaltenZEWK
16.06.2022DEOnline Coffee Lecture: ORCID – Wie funktioniert der Profildienst?Staatsbibliothek
16.06.2022ENGood Scientific Practice – Protecting Research IntegrityZEWK
20.06.2022ENResearch Integrity: Introduction to Research Data Management for Natural ScientistsDRS
21.06.2022DEWorld Café: Wege in die Promotion. Welche Stiftung passt zu mir?FSGS
21.06.2022ENTransfer School: Patentierung Ihrer Forschungsergebnisse an der TU BerlinCfE
21.06.2022DEDFG Förderung: Heisenberg-Programm DFG
21.06.2022ENWriting Abstracts for Journal Articles and Conference PapersZEWK
22.06.2022DEMee(h)rwert – Persönliche Standort- und ZielbestimmungZEWK
23.06.2022DEDisputationstraining - onlineDRS
23.06.2022DEWissensmanagement mit Wikis in ForschungsprojektenZEWK
23.06.2022DEForschen im Verbund – gemeinsame Workshops ergebnisorientiert gestaltenZEWK
23.06.2022DEOnline Coffee Lecture: ORCID – Warum ist der Profildienst nützlich?Staatsbibliothek
27.06.2022DEWirkungsvoll präsentieren - Wie Sie mit Ausdruck Eindruck machenZEWK
28.06.2022DELust statt Frust: Selbstmotivation und Schaffensfreude in der Forschung - PräsenzDRS
28.06.2022DEWorld Café: Wege in die Promotion. Welche Stiftung passt zu mir?FSGS
29.06.2022ENEvaluation of research projectsZEWK
30.06.2022ENSlidewriting: Optimize your slidesZEWK
30.06.2022ENThe Writing Café - OnlineBUA
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