First steps

As is the case at most universities, Technische Universität Berlin requires written agreement to supervise your doctorate from your doctoral advisor. Once you have received this written agreement from a professor at TU Berlin, you can register your declaration of intent to pursue a doctorate.

You should register your intent to pursue a doctorate as well as register for the doctoral procedure itself directly with the appropriate faculty, irrespective of the form of supervision you have selected. Each faculty has its own faculty service center with official responsibility for registration, the doctoral procedure, and the awarding of the academic title. A contact person is available to answer all your questions relating to non-content aspects of a doctorate.

Once your declaration of intent to pursue a doctorate has been accepted by the faculty, you can then enroll as a doctoral student with Department 1 - Student Services.

Contact persons within the faculties

Responsibility for the doctoral procedure and the awarding of academic titles lies with the faculties. Questions concerning procedures relating to non-content aspects of a doctorate, registering your intent to pursue a doctorate, admission to the doctoral procedure, formatting and length of dissertations, etc. should be addressed to the relevant  contact person in the faculty service centers.

It is generally easy enough to find out about practical issues such as how long a dissertation has to be, submission deadlines, etc. But who do you speak to when you have problems with your dissertation, if you are overwhelmed by the workload, or if you have a disagreement with your supervisor? Every faculty has a ombudsperson for doctoral candidates who can discuss your situation with you in confidence and advise you on how to best solve your problems.

FacultyFaculty Service Center (FSC)Contact person in FSCDoctorate page of the facultyOmbudsperson for doctoral candidates
Faculty I - Humanities:FSC Faculty IIwona WieczorekFaculty IProf. Dr. Kerstin Wittmann-Englert
Faculty II – Mathematics and Natural Sciences:FSC Faculty IIAnne Jenß + Lara SchäferFaculty IIProf. Dr. Etienne Emmrich
Faculty III – Process Sciences:FSC Faculty IIIBeate NeumannFaculty IIIDr. Philip Wietstock
Faculty IV – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science:FSC Faculty IVJana PeichFaculty IVProf. Dr. Odej Kao + Prof. Dr. Marianne Maertens
Faculty V – Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems:FSC Faculty VJulia StützerFaculty VProf. Dr. Andreas Bardenhagen
Faculty VI – Planning Building Environment:FSC Faculty VIPia JubinFaculty VIDr. Daniel Aubram
Faculty VII – Economics and Management:FSC Faculty VIIBarbara EngelFaculty VIIProf. Dr. Dorothea Kübler


Center for Junior Scholars (CJS)

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