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History of Contact Mechanics and the Physics of Friction

Note on the history of contact mechanics and friction

Elena Popova and Valentin L. Popov

Physical Mesomechanics 21 (1), 1-5 (2018)

Great discoveries are often perceived by subsequent generations as sudden insights of genius scientists. Historical studies show, however, that the real mechanism of creation of new theories and paradigms is often a transfer of knowledge from one subject area to the other. Such transfers made the military engineer Coulomb the founder of the theory of electricity, they made the professor for celestial mechanics Poisson the founder of the electrostatics, and the pioneer in electrodynamics Hertz also became the founder of contact mechanics... 

On the history of elastohydrodynamics: The dramatic destiny of Alexander Mohrenstein-Ertel and his contribution to the theory and practice of lubrication. 

Elena Popova and Valentin L. Popov

ZAMM‐Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics/Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, 7, 652-663 (2015)

AlexanderMikhailovich Ertel is the founder of elastohydrodynamics. He was the first to solve problems of hydrodynamic lubrication accounting for effects of elastic deformation of the bodies in contact as well as for the dependence of the viscosity of the lubricant on pressure and temperature, thereby opening a new branch of tribology – elastohydrodynamics. However, due to complicated historical entanglements, the real authorship remained unknown over many years...

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Friction 3 (2), 183-190 (2015)


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Friction 6 (3), 341-348 (2018)


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