Mechanics, Department System Dynamics and Friction Physics

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Research Profil

The department deals with the mechanics of interfaces in a system and is therefore a necessary interface between "structure" and "material". The research topics include interfacial mechanics in classical mechanical engineering with such areas of application as ball bearings, gear drives, clutches or brakes, etc. In recent years, qualitatively new fields of application have been added that are at the forefront of global development trends in technology and society. In particular, microtechnology should be mentioned, in which the interface properties play a central role, as well as biology and medicine. The topics where the FG holds a top position include the FFT-based boundary elements, the Method of Dimensionality Reduction, as well as various topics related to the interaction of friction and system dynamics (active control of friction, vibration-based actuators, structure damping, suppression of self-excited vibrations). Recently, first activities in the direction of Bio Contact Mechanics have been carried out.