Mechanics, Department System Dynamics and Friction Physics

Bio-contact mechanics: Simulation of cartilage growth

The constant wear of articular cartilage in biological joints, which can lead to widespread health problems, is countered by its continued, albeit very slow, growth and maintenance. The regeneration of cartilage depends on many factors, but a key role is played by the mechanical loading of the biological joint. This research is dedicated to the question of which types of loading stimulate cartilage growth, but at the same time minimise its wear. The aim is to develop a mechanical model that can describe the complex contact problem between cartilage layers with viscoelastic properties. The method of dimensionality reduction (MDR) or the boundary element method is to be applied. At the microscopic level, cartilage growth is to be described by agent-based modelling, which is influenced by mechanical signals from the solution of the contact problem.

Project head: Prof. Dr. Valentin L. Popov

Executive research assistant:  Jean-Emmanuel Leroy