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Current Projects

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Contact mechanics of the "third body"

The third body essentially determines tribological properties of materials but is – due to complexity of the relevant processes – very difficult to access both for theoretical and experimental investigations. It is therefore sensible to isolate some of the aspects of the third body dynamics and to study them in a "pure form".

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Simulation of cartilage growth

This research is dedicated to the question of which types of loading stimulate the regeneration and maintenance of articular cartilage while preventing its wear and degradation. The aim is to develop a mechanical model that can describe the complex contact problem between cartilage layers with viscoelastic properties.

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If lubricants are mixed with certain additives, a protective layer known as tribofilm forms in the lubricated contact. The project will develop a simulation scheme that simulates both wear and regeneration of the tribofilm for different configurations. The theories of Rabinowicz and Eyring are used for this purpose.