Space Technology

Spacecraft Attitude Control


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Responsible personProf. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Stoll
Contact personProf. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Stoll

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Organization name Space Technology
Building F
Room F 515

Description of the module

The module is held in English in each winter semester and teaches the fundamentals of the dynamics and control of spacecraft. Students will gain knowledge in the theory of dynamics, kinematics and attitude determination of spacecraft, classical attitude control as well as model-based state estimation and control of spacecraft in state space. Furthermore, various concepts and implementations of attitude control in spacecraft and satellites will be conveyed. The lecture notes are available on the corresponding ISIS website. Please register there.


  • Mission analysis and requirements for the attitude control of spacecraft
  • Kinematics of attitude control
  • Solid state dynamics of spacecraft
  • Attitude control concepts and methods
  • Classical attitude control and controller design in the Laplace domain
  • Fundamentals and methods of control in state space
  • Excursion to visit a position control test stand

Recommended Literature

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Spacecraft dynamics and control, A practical approach, M. Sidi, Cambridge Press

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