Space Technology

Space Mission Design and Operations I


Module forBachelor
Responsible personProf. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Stoll
Contact PersonM.Sc. Elizabeth Klioner

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Organization name Space Technology
Office F 6
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Description of the module

The module Space Planning and Operations 1 teaches the basics in both topics and serves as an insight into the complex process of mission planning and the operation of satellite missions. The knowledge acquired here is an important basis for more advanced courses in the Master's program. The project carried out in the first part of the semester enables students not only to understand basic relationships and factors in the design of space missions but also to acquire and apply project management and presentation skills.


  • Basics of space mission planning

    • Orbit selection for mission planning

    • Space law

    • Space debris

    • Environmental impacts

  • Space agencies

    • Competencies and organization

    • Budget

  • Basics of satellite operations

  • Procedures and databases

  • Ground Stations

    • Structure

    • Components and personnel

    • Competencies