Space Technology

Space Flight Mechanics


Module forMaster
Responsible personProf. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Stoll
Contact personE. Stoll, L. Ziemer

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Organization name Space Technology
Office F 6
Building F
Room F 515
Organization name Space Technology
Office F 6
Building F
Room F

Description of the module

The module teaches the basics of space flight mechanics. The students should be able to develop and apply knowledge of the laws of celestial mechanics, time and reference systems and disturbances of trajectories. Please enroll on the ISIS page "Space Flight Mechanics WSxx/xy" for the respective winter semester.


  • Two-Body-Problem

  • Undisturbed satellite orbits

  • Time- and Reference systems

  • Gravitational & non-gravitational forces

  • Pertubation theory

  • Orbit types

  • Relative motion

  • Interplanetary trajectories

  • Ascending trajectories

  • Impulsive maneuvers

  • Reentry

Recommended Literature

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