Space Technology

Satellite Technology


Module forBachelor
Responsible personProf. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Stoll
Contact personDr.-Ing. Sebastian Grau

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Organization name Space Technology
Office F 6
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Description of the module

The module is held on a rotational basis in the summer semester and teaches the basics of satellite technology. All segments of a space mission are briefly covered. Satellite orbits and reception range of the ground station should be able to be calculated independently. The technology of subsystems is covered in depth. Students should understand all subsystems of a satellite and their interactions. They should learn and be able to apply on-board computer hardware and software, the organization of housekeeping data collection, and the organizational forms of telecommands.
Lectures, theoretical and practical exercises are used. In the theoretical exercises, homework is discussed, which is then completed independently at home. In the practical exercises, students work out technical solutions of important satellite components under the guidance of the lecturers. The lecture notes are available on the corresponding ISIS website. Please enroll there. 


  • Satellite Classification
  • Satellite Orbits
  • Ground Tracks
  • Computer Technology and Programming for Satellites
  • Structure and Mechanisms
  • Thermal Control System
  • Power Supply
  • Communication System
  • Telecommand and Telemetry System
  • Attitude Control Cystem
  • Satellite Propulsion System