Space Technology

Project Space Systems I & II


Module forMaster
Responsible personProf. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Stoll
Contact personDr. Harry Adirim
TurnusProject Space Systems I – each winter semester
Project Space Systems II – each summer semester

Enrolment and teaching materials via ISIS

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Description of the module

The project oriented and integrated course Projekt Raumfahrtsysteme (I&II) aims on teaching the essential development phases of a complex space system as far as the analysis/preliminary design (part I) and detailed design and potentially prototype construction (part II). The students can participate in total 2 semesters, each for 6 LP. The course teaches the main development phases of a complex space system based on practical examples. This includes the design, the manufacturing process, the assembly, integration and test as well as the utilization phases of a space system and its parts. Furthermore, the course aims on improving the teamwork abilities of the participants by grouping the students into self-organized teams. The project course consists of weekly status and review meetings as well as self-organized group work. The progress will be presented in weekly status presentations which are followed by review and problem-solving activities of the entire project course. The evaluation of the participants is based on the participation, the presentation (weekly, interim and final), the final documentation (Technical Note, Drawings, …) and the overall results of the work.


  • Introduction into the course and the ECSS basics

  • Introduction into the project management basics

  • Collective brainstorming concerning recent space technology topics and the contend of the course

  • Definition of the aims and the requirements of the course

  • Definition of teams according to the individual strength and interests

  • Definition of the key milestones

  • Preparation of a binding work schedule

  • Definition of work packages

  • Independent work on the work packages 

  • Development, design and test of rocket part

  • Planning, preparation and execution of tests

  • Review of the results of the work

  • Presentation of the work and its results in the frame of status, interim and final presentation

  • Documentation

Recommended Literature

  • Handbook of Space Technology, Wilfried Ley, Klaus Wittmann, Willi Hallmann, ISBN 978-0-470-69739-9