Space Technology

Project Space Exploration and Propulsion I & II


Module forBachelor or Master
Responsible personDr.-Ing. Stefan Linke
TurnusSoSe & WiSe

Enrolment and teaching materials via ISIS


Stefan Linke

Organization name Space Technology
Building F
Room F

Description of the module

In this module, a self-chosen task from the field of space exploration and space propulsion with the typical project phases of a space project is run through. This is intended to convey practical experience and independent work and to develop the necessary basics and special features when carrying out a space project. As part of the processing of the topics in small groups, concrete solutions are worked out, prototypes are implemented and the results are presented. The students learn to classify their own work in the performance of a project team and to work together with others. In the course of the semester, presentations of the interim results take place in the manner of typical space reviews. This enables you to gain experience for the form of exchange between clients and project team that is very important in later professional life.


As part of the module, an overview of the planning and management of a space project is given. A topic is then selected from a list of tasks derived from current or planned projects of the “Exploration and Propulsion” working group in the Space Technology department. On this basis, the students develop a project plan and their own solutions. In the following, a detailed draft will be created as part of several work packages and the development will be advanced. After the reviews have been carried out, the system is manufactured and integrated or tests are carried out to characterize materials and components.

The topics of the module come from the following areas:

  • Utilization of the resources of space and other celestial bodies (In-situ Resource Utilization, ISRU)
  • Experimental exploration and lander drives and their systems and their validation
  • Development of robotic systems for use on other celestial bodies with a focus on the moon
  • Design of infrastructures on other celestial bodies and techniques for their construction and operation