Space Technology

Fundamentals of Space Technology


Module forBachelor
Responsible personM.Sc. Steffen Reinert
Contact personM. Sc. Steffen Reinert
TurnusWiSe & SoSe

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Organization name Space Technology
Office F 6
Building F
Room F 507

Description of the module

The module teaches the fundamentals of space engineering. Space systems engineers require general knowledge of various technical and programmatic topics in space engineering. This knowledge enables them to classify their space projects in terms of scope, space history, space environment, possible orbits, launch vehicle options, and many other aspects. The module introduces software tools relevant to space engineers. Students will be able to use these tools and apply the knowledge gained in other modules and in their careers.


  • Principle and application of space propulsion

  • Overview of all types of propulsion (chemical, electric,...)

  • Detailed look at the different chemical propulsion systems (solid, hybrid, liquid, mono-substance, bi-substance)

  • Presentation of different propulsion systems

Recommended Literature

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