Space Technology

Aerospace Electronics


Module forMaster
Responsible personProf. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Stoll
Contact personJohannes Becker

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Johannes Marian Becker

Organization name Space Technology
Building F
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Description of the module

The module teaches practical basic knowledge, which is indispensable in the development of hardware and software for aerospace systems. Using a large number of electronic components, which the students receive at the beginning of the course, they are to learn how to work with standard components in a practical way. In the lecture, the theory is directly illustrated by means of practical exercises. The acquired knowledge is to be applied in a semester-long project.


  • Analog Electronics

  • Software for circuit simulation

  • Development of circuit diagrams and electrical layouts

  • Digital electronics

  • Microcontroller programming

  • Hardware and software of satellite subsystems

  • Handling of electrical laboratory equipment

  • Soldering technology

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