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Project Overview

ProjectnameSmall Satellite Database - Characteristics and spectrum requirements of pico- and nanosatellite systems
Contact PersonDipl.-Ing. Martin Buscher, M.S.
Funded byFederal Ministry of Economics and Technology

The intention of this database is to offer a comprehensive database of all known small satellites. The maximum mass of included satellites is 30kg and satellites that were launched earlier than 2003 are neglected. These limits are arbitrary. Future versions of this database will provide more details on attached sensors, attitude control systems and many other parameters. 

The database is updated on a regularly basis and it is mainly based on online sources. The author does not guarantee the correctness of every included value. Corrections & additions are highly appreciated. Interested persons are invited to use the data for own analysis, however the author of this database and / or one of the author's publications should be referenced in any resulting publication.

The author would like to thank all referenced sources and contributors.

This database is part of the project REPIN funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (project number 50YB1323).

Last update: November 2016

Download: TUB Small Satellite Database

Note: The Database has lately been moved to an offline mySQL database. Updates are available upon request.