Space Technology


Project Overview

ProjectnameSALSA - Spectrum Analysis of LEO Satellite Allocations
ContactpersonDipl.-Ing. Martin Buscher
Funded byFederal Ministry of Economics and Technology
Grant No.50 YB 1635

The number of satellites launched into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) has significantly increased over the last 10 years. Today, more than 100 small satelites are launched each year. With this increase in numbers, some challenges regarding interference-free communications occur. Since the available frequency spectrum for TT&C is limited, the potential for harmful interference is raised. Some operators have already reported their problems, however the causal research is often not easy. A terrestrial measurement of interference and noise levels is not sufficient, since the satellite in orbit can be disturbe by signals that can not be seen on the ground.

For this reason, in the project SALSA a payload for spectrum analysis was designed, built and qualified. Besides the development of payload hardware and software, a concept for integration into the TUBiX-10 bus was established. The integration and operations will be conducted as part of the SALSAT project.