Space Technology


Project Overview

ProjectnameEU-Project: Problem-oriented Processing and Database Creation for Ionosphere Exploration
Contact PersonDipl.-Ing. Dimitriy Bogdanov & Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Briess
Funded bySeventh Framework Programme

The project deals with problem-oriented processing of observational data collected and stored by former ionospheric satellite missions and their data mining with the aim to create a database of ionosphere waves catalogues. The database represents an urgent need of modern space science. Its realization will help considerably improving space weather nowcast and forecast and promoting the progress of actual today GMES as well as other applied studies, such as ionospheric monitoring of natural and man-made hazards.

The final result previewed by POPDAT will be the creation of the Ionosphere Wave Service including the composition of catalogue metadata in order to provide a useful tool for the access of the database through a web portal. Ionosphere Wave Service will be promoted to a great number of scientists and specialists working in numerous theoretical and applied space-oriented branches, such as space physics, solar-terrestrial connections, space weather, earth observation, monitoring of natural and man-made powerful hazards, satellites launches and exploration amongst others.