Space Technology


Project Facts

Project NameEU-Project: Curricula Reform in Space Technology in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
Contact PersonDipl.-Ing. Dimitriy Bogdanov & Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Brieß
Funded byEuropean Commission TEMPUS

The global objective of the project CRIST is to ensure compliance with the increased demands on university education in the partner countries KZ, RU and UA by developing and implementing three new curricula in B- Study programmes at universities in these countries.

Specific project targets imply the development and implementation of the new curricula “Design of Micro- and Pico-Satellites”, “Radio Communication for Space Applications” and “Space Management”, as well as a new module CAD/CAM/CAE for satellites including electronics and electrical engineering.

Apart from that, each university of the target countries was equipped with the networks "Satellite Ground Stations", laboratories, computer labs for satellite design and business planning, as well as networks of regional offices for coordination and technology (C&T) for the BA study programme in Space Technology.