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Project Facts

Project NameNano Satellitenmission für Forschung, Entwicklung und Ausbildung (TU Berlin Infrarot Nanosatellite – TUBIN)
Duration01.04.2020 - 31.03.2024
Funding numberDLR FKZ 50 RM 1102


The project is carried out in cooperation between the following partners:

  • Technical University Berlin, Chair Space Technology, DE

  • University of Würzburg, Chair "Information Technology for Aerospace" (ILR-Wue), DE

Project Description

 TUBIN (Technische Universität Berlin Infrared Nanosatellite) is a university satellite mission with the objective to demonstrate novel  Earth remote sensing technologies for nanosatellites. Since power and  size limitations prove prohibitive to accommodating cooled HgCdTe  infrared detectors on a nanosatellite, TUBIN carries two uncooled  microbolometer imagers. In addition, a third imager with sensitivity in  the visible spectrum complements the infrared payload. The ground resolution of the thermal images is 147 m. Due to the much smaller pixel size, the images of the visible spectrum camera will have a ground  resolution of 38 m. 

Following the TechnoSat mission, TUBIN is the second satellite  based on the TUBiX20 satellite platform of Technische Universität Berlin. Secondary mission objectives are:

  • the on-orbit verification of the  high accuracy configuration of the TUBiX20 attitude determination and  control system, 

  • the in-orbit demonstration of the XLink S- and X-band transceiver of Berlin based company IQ Spacecom

  • the evaluation of a refined assembly of 10 mm commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) corner cube laser reflectors

TUBIN launched into 520 km SSO on board SpaceX’s Transporter-2 mission with a Falcon-9 rocket on June, 30th, 2021 and has been operated continuously to date.

Team Member

At the TU Berlin, the following members of the team are employed on the project:

Funding & Acknowledge

  • TUBIN is supported by German Aerospace Center (DLR) Space Agency (Raumfahrtmanagement) with funds from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology (BMWT), Grant No 50 RM 1102


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Organization name Space Technology
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