Space Technology


Project Facts

Project NameMulti-functional Integration of Miniaturized Satellite Components for Increased Payload Capacity of Pico-Satellites
Project Duration01.04.2020 - 31.03.2024


The project is carried out in cooperation between the following partners:

  • Technische Universität Berlin, Chair Space Technology, DE

  • Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Microelectronic – Packaging and Interconnect Technologies, DE

Project Description

The project 'Multi-functional integration of miniaturized satellite components for increased payload capacity of pico-satellites' deals with the research and development of satellite components for CubeSats.
Combining satellite components to form compact modules shall increase the possible payload capacities of pico-satellites. Three key components-solar cells, a magnetic coil, and a sun sensor-were merged successfully to a multi-functional component in previous studies.

Based on this previous success, a higher degree of integration will be achieved by further developments while simultaneously optimizing the individual components. Therefore, basic studies on the integration of a patch antenna and a novel fluid-dynamic actuator are undertaken. Special attention is paid to the possible interaction processes and the attainable degree of miniaturization of the individual components. This research serves the goal of creating a system of highly efficient
multifunctional modules to increase the payload capacity for pico-satellites.

Team Member

At the TU Berlin, the following members of the team are employed on the project:


Benjamin Andreas Grzesik

Organization name Space Technology
Building F
Room F


  • Grzesik, B.; Baumann, T.; Walter, T.; Flederer, F.; Sittner, F.; Dilger, E.; Gläsner, S.; Kirchler, J.-L.; Tedsen, M.; Montenegro, S.; Stoll, E. InnoCube—A Wireless Satellite Platform to Demonstrate Innovative Technologies. Aerospace 2021, 8, 127.

  • Grzesik, B.; Gläsner, S.; Walter, T.; Baumann, T.; Sittner, F.; Flederer, F.; Dilger, E.; Montenegro, S.; Stoll,E.; InnoCube - Technology Demonstration of a Wireless Satellite Bus and An Experimental Solid-State Battery. THE 4S SYMPOSIUM 2022, Vilamoura, Portugal