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Project Facts

Project NameMong Euro Mongolian Cooperation for Modernisation of Engineering Education
Contact PersonProf. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Briess & Dipl.-Ing. Dmitriy Ostroverkhov
Funded byErasmus+ Programme of the European Union

The goal of the EU-Mong project is to modernize and internationalise Higher Education in Mongolia in the field of science engineering at targeted universities. The project aims to achieve these goals by developing new and innovative MSc Curricula, which will incorporate the newest developments in the field to meet the demands of the labour market. The project will also utilize the opportunities for virtual e-learning provided by the ICT.

Main Goals:

The following concrete objectives are to be completed within the framework of the project: 

  • To analyse the educational needs in electrical engineering, communications and energy efficiency through problem and labour market analysis, and to define learning outcomes in terms of the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies of engineers in the sector
  • To design syllabi and course content and assess the compulsory and elective courses in electrical engineering, communications and energy efficiency to meet the needs of all parties involved in the project
  • To adapt/develop new e-learning courses with a modular structure for the innovated curricula of partner universities and to establish a platform and procedures for knowledge sharing between Mongolian and European universities and students
  • To perform a pilot test and to start the implementation of the joint modules/courses during the last project year 

Further information can be taken from the project website: