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Project Overview

ProjectnameDOCMEN – Development of two cycle innovative curricula in microelectronic engineering
Contact PersonProf. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Briess & Dipl.-Ing. Dmitriy Ostroverkhov
Funded byErasmus+ Programme of the European Union

The main objective of DOCMEN is to support the modernization of the higher education (HE) in microelectronics in the targeted Universities in AM, KG and IL, through innovation of two cycles curricula in line with the new development in the area, the labour market demand and according to the Bologna Process and best practice. 

The project consortium consists of 16 universities, including four from program countries (PL, DE, BG and IT), four from KZ, four from AM, four from IL, as well as two stakeholders of related field.

Main Goals:

  • 11 new core curricula/modules (ULSI devices and novel simulation techniques; ECAD for Microsystems; Bio-Nanoelectronic devices for biosensing; Nano/Microelectronic interfaces for brain studies; Design of nanoscale integrated circuits; Nanomaterials; Packaging technologies in microelectronics; Microelectronic technologies for alternative sources of energy; Technologies and applications of Superconductive materials; Practise oriented curricula for micro electronics and data transmission; Innovative solving in microelectronics engineering problems)
  • 3 new transferable curricula/modules
  • Updated current curricula in the target field
  • New supporting learning environment: Joint web based platform, Microelectronics Labs (MicLabs)
  • Linking to the labor market: Establishing Microelectronics Service Office (MicSO) with stakeholders support