Space Technology

M.Sc. Philip von Keiser




Philip von Keiser

Research Assistant

+49 (0)30 314-75697

Organization name Chair Space Technology
Office F 6
Building F
Room F 507


  • Embedded software development for the electrical power system (EPS) and redundancy management of the single fault tolerant micro satellite TechnoSat and its successor TUBIN as well as QUEEN.

  • Embedded software, application and custom Linux development for the camera payload of TUBIN and QUEEN.

  • Software development for the image processing of the TUBIN camera payload.

  • Design of the software architecture for the micro satellites TechnoSat, TUBIN and QUEEN.

Research Projects

2022-todayQUEEN: Software development
2013-todayTUBIN: Software development
2013-2022TechnoSat: Software development


11/2016 – todayResearch Engineer, Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Space Technology
08/2013 – 11/2016Student Assistant, Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Space Technology


2014 - 2016Master of Science Technische Informatik (Computer Engineering), TU Berlin
2009 - 2014Bachelor of Science Technische Informatik (Computer Engineering), TU Berlin

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ISSN: 00945765


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