Space Technology

M.Sc. Clément Jonglez




Clément Jonglez

Research Assistant

+49 (0)30 314-22309

Organization name Chair Space Technology
Office F 6
Building F
Room F 511


  • Head of the Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) of TUBiX-20, a 20+ kg satellite platform

  • ADCS development on the TUBIN and QUEEN missions

  • Flight data analysis and ADCS improvement on the TUBIN and Technosat satellites

  • Flight dynamics support and orbit determination from GNSS and SLR data on multiple missions

  • Support on the development of a satellite image processing pipeline

  • Test and qualification of XLink, a X-band satellite transceiver

  • Upgrade of TU Berlin’s satellite ground station for X band

  • Supervision of bachelor and master theses


2018 - todayResearch Engineer, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
2017-2018Mission and system analysis and GNC development at PTS, Berlin, Germany


2013 - 2017ISAE-Supaero, Toulouse, France, M. Sc. in engineering and operations of orbital systems, M. Sc. in telecommunications for aeronautics and space
2011 - 2013Preparatory classes MPSI/MP*, Lycée Clemenceau, Nantes, France



Jonglez, Clément; Barschke, Merlin; Bartholomäus, Julian; Werner, Philipp
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Roychowdhury, Debdeep; Weiß, Sascha; Kapitola, Sascha; Jonglez, Clément
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Publisher: Dubai, UAE


Bartholomäus, Julian; Jonglez, Clément; Keiser, Philip; Léglise, Julius; Lehmann, Marc; Werner, Philipp; Barschke, Merlin; Reibe, Mathias; Jäckel, Klaus
A Last-Minute Upgrade: Rapid Integration of an Opportunity Payload into the TUBIN Mission
Small Satellite Conference
August 2020
[en] Barschke, Merlin F.; Jonglez, Clément; Werner, Philipp; Keiser, Philip; Gordon, Karsten; Starke, Mario; Lehmann, Marc
Initial orbit results from the TUBiX20 platform
Acta Astronautica, 167 :108–116
February 2020
ISSN: 00945765


Reibe, Mathias; Jäckel, Klaus; Barschke, Merlin; Jonglez, Clément
A Modular Family of High Data Rate SDR Transceivers
Small Satellite Conference
Publisher: Logan, USA
Barschke, M. F.; Bartholomäus, J.; Crespo, J. M. H.; Gordon, K.; Jonglez, C.; Keiser, P.; Költzsch, D.; Leglise, J.; Lehmann, M.; Meumann, C.
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Proceedings of the 12th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation. Berlin, Germany