Quantum Non-Equilibrium Dynamics
Quantum Non-Equilibrium Dynamics

Group meeting seminars SoSe21

Welcome to the website of the group meetings of the Quantum Non-Equilibrium Dynamics group.

In our group meetings we discuss current research results in the context of the non-equilibrium dynamics of driven quantum many-body systems.

A special focus is on the topics:

  • Open quantum systems
  • Floquet systems (time-periodically driven quantum systems)
  • Coherent control of many-body systems
  • Quantum simulation
  • Topological quantum systems far from equilibrium
  • Thermalization of isolated quantum systems
  • Many-particle localization


The group meetings take place during the semester every Thursday, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. in room EW 731.

Due to the current Corona situation, the seminar will take place in an online format until further notice.

Please be sure to enroll in the ISIS course of the seminar.

Therein you will also find the link for the online participation.

As part of the first meeting on April 15, 2021, possible lecture topics will be presented and distributed. We look forward to an active participation!


15.04.Auftaktveranstaltung und Themenvergabe 
22.04.Calogero NemitzOpen Bose-Hubbard chains
29.04.Johann AssmusSuppressing heating in driven lattices via the quantum Zeno effect
06.05.Maximilian Kiefer-EmmanouilidisAbsence of true localization in many-body localized phases
20.05.Tobias Becker/Alexander SchnellModified Redfield dynamics: Exact agreement up to second order
27.05.Ling-Na WuTBA
03.06.Dorian WenzelAnwendung des Korrelationsbilder zur Behandlung endlicher Kopplung an thermische Bäder
10.06.Sabid FejzulaSteady states of a topological lattice weakly coupled to a Bose-Einstein condensate
17.06.Johanna ZeisTBA
24.06.Marcel EberhardEigenstate thermalization
01.07.Robert FuchsFloquet engineering in optical lattices
08.07.Fuad HaddadToplogical Thouless pumps (Rice-Mele Model)