Quantum Non-Equilibrium Dynamics

Quantum Non-Equilibrium Dynamics

Welcome to the website of the research group Quantum Non-Equilibrium Dynamics at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at TU Berlin!

We investigate quantum states far from thermal equilibrium and develop strategies for their coherent control via strong driving and/or dissipation. For that purpose we combine intuitive analytical approaches with efficient numerical methods. An important focus of our work lies on highly-controllable, artificially-created quantum mechanical many-body systems (quantum simulators), as they are realized experimentally with ultracold atoms or photonic degrees of freedom.

Group leader

Prof. Dr. André Eckardt

Raum EW 744
Tel.: +49 30 314 23034 
Email: eckardt@tu-berlin.de


Irena Koschinski

Raum EW 743
Tel.: +49 30 314 28446
Email: irena.koschinski@tu-berlin.de

Sekr. EW 7-1
Hardenbergstrasse 36
10623 Berlin

The group - June 2022