Quality and Usability

Wafaa Wardah

Research Area:

  • Machine Learning
  • Speech Quality (in telecommunication)


Wafaa Wardah started on her academic journey with a certificate in education from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. She continued her studies at the University of the South Pacific, where she earned a Bachelor of Software Engineering and later a Master of Science degree.

Her noteworthy achievement during this period was her Master's thesis, which focused on developing a deep learning method for predicting protein-peptide binding sites from protein sequences. This work earned her recognition in the form of a Gold Medal and Prize for the most outstanding Master of Science thesis in 2021.

Currently, Wafaa is a Ph.D. candidate at the Quality and Usability Lab at TU Berlin, under the guidance of Professor Sebastian Möller. Her research primarily centers around the development of deep learning based models for predicting speech quality and identifying factors responsible for quality degradation in telecommunication. Additionally, she actively participates in the initiatives of the International Telecommunication Union Study Group 12.



Quality and Usability Lab
Technische Universität Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, Sekt. TEL 306
D-10587 Berlin, Germany
TEL 308

Email: wafaa.wardah[at]tu-berlin.de